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What is Molluscum

Molluscum contagiosum (MC) is a fairly common viral infection found in the skin. The disease is caused by a poxvirus called the Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV).

Signs and symptoms include raised bumps on the skin that are usually pink or flesh-colored. They range in size from the tip of a pin to 1⁄4 inch in diameter. Some lesions will have an indicative dimple in the center of the pustule. This visually identifies the lesion as molluscum contagiosum.
In individuals with a healthy immune system, the disease is self-limiting. Most people spontaneously resolve from the disease within 12 to 24 months. Sufferers who are immunocompromised may have symptomatic lesions for several years.




Lesions are generally smooth, circular, have a dimple and are painless to the touch. They have a waxy core. Secondary bacterial infections may occur in some lesions causing them to redden, itch, break or become sore.

When skin becomes infected, the virus may lie in a dormant state. The skin may not display the new lesions for a few weeks. New lesions will often rise as old lesions are being treated. This may cause some people to incorrectly believe the treatment they are using is causing new lesions/spreading.


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  1. My six year old has it so I want to use the crean conzerol cream but I don’t know where to get the cream any idea. What else can I do running out of options

  2. My niece and nephews have this also. My sister is using white vinigar and water. 1 part vinigar 2 part water. After she washes the area with the solution she lets it dry and then applies the cream. This seems to be drying them out. Not as painful .

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