L.A. Schools Finds Out Threats are a Hoax!

This week, parents in Los Angeles suffered quite a scare as all public schools were closed on Tuesday. Due to a threatening email, school officials decided that it wasn’t worth the risk for students to be harmed and decided to close schools for the day. Thankfully they have recovered the fact that the threat was […]

I’m Dreaming of a…Warm Christmas?

The holidays are a great time of year, but sometimes winter can be a little hard to manage. It may be a better option for you and your family to travel to someplace warm this year! Read this article to learn the best reasons to travel this holiday season!

Stopping Maternally-Transmitted AIDS!

For those of us above a certain age, we remember the scare and hopelessness associated with the AIDS/HIV epidemic. At a certain point in human history, these diseases were automatic death sentences for whomever contracted them, and even worse for babies born from infected mothers. Thankfully, science has developed and worked tirelessly to combat these […]

To Spank or Not to Spank

Most parents know that the rosiness of having a new baby quickly morphs as they get older. Children misbehave, which is a fact of life, but how you handle it is what makes the difference as a parent. Read this article to learn a child’s perspective of spanking!

Giving Abused Children Hope

There are few things that are as appalling as when disturbed people sexually abuse children. This type of torture creates a plethora of emotional and social problems for the young victims and can inspire crippling coping mechanisms. Thankfully, new hospitals, religious centers, and other organizations are working together to provide support for these victims. If […]

Medical Marijuana, and Why More Parents Want It

Regardless of your views on marijuana usage, there is no denying that it has medical benefits. The scientific community has found that there are benefits that are found in cannabis that are healthier, more organic, and less addictive that what is found in common pain pills. Due to these discoveries, more parents are lobbying for […]

Gender Pills for Your Baby?

With all of the ways that modern medicine is developing, it is rare to become surprised by a new pill or treatment that becomes available for wide-spread use. The latest trend in China are medications that promise expectant parents with baby boys! Read this article today to learn about this new surge in gender modification pills!

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

There are many ways in which you ensure that your baby has the best foods available. Some mothers shop for only organic types of foods, but many are jumping on the trend to make baby food themselves. With some fresh vegetables and a food processor, you can make food that is affordable, organic, and safe […]

Nativity Christmas Crafts!

When it comes to properly celebrating the holidays, you probably have many family traditions to pass on to your children. Whether you are lighting candles and singing songs for Kwanzaa, playing games and saying prayers for Hanukah, or decorating trees and singing carols for Christmas, there are various ways to get your children involved. Read […]

Tantrum or Meltdown?

Meltdowns and tantrums may look the same, but the causes and purpose for your child’s behavior for each is vastly different. By being able to address the behavior, you will be able to best handle it while supporting your child. Read this article to learn how to best identify and treat this behavior!