One Man’s Story of Skin-Confidence!

It can be difficult to push past your own discomfort when you have a skin condition. Our skin is a unique organ because it is one of the few organs that we can visually see and interact with directly. When we get skin infections, they can infect our appearance that can in turn affect our […]

Dad’s Health Affects Child’s Health!

When it comes to your baby’s health, it is often assumed that the mother is the conduit for the baby. However, new research shows that the father’s health can have a significant impact on the unborn child. Read this article today to learn how a father’s health can have effects on the baby!

How to Inspire Healthy Choices with Your Child

There are many ways in which parents wish to support their children. Often times we seek to love our children and support them by promoting healthy lives. Giving your children the tools to live a long and fruitful life is one of the best gifts you can give as a parent and that can start […]

Do These Chemicals Make Your Family Fat?

When it comes to ensuring your family’s health, you may have taken all the necessary steps that you can think of. You encourage your spouse and your children to exercise regularly and you find the time to cook healthy meals for your children. There may be sneaky chemicals in your food that are making it […]

The Best Way to Soothe Your Baby!

When it comes to having a baby, you may already be familiar with the common challenges of being a young parent. One of the toughest and most constant strains for young parents is a crying baby! Watch this video to learn the best ways to calm your child!

Why Breakfast Still Matters

With all of the schedules that your family balances at once, it is no surprise that breakfast may get pushed to the back of your mind in importance. However, the quick sugary treat that you encourage your kids to eat in the morning on the way out of the house does not provide adequate nutrition […]

How We Can Help Low-Income Neighborhoods

It is no secret that in this country, access to medical health comes with the ability to afford treatment. Unfortunately, there are an incredible number of children who live in low-income environments and have lesser access to the healthcare benefits that we may enjoy. Thankfully, there are ways in which communities can reach out to […]

How Pets Help Children Emotionally Develop!

When it comes to helping your child develop emotionally, there are many factors that can help to support their development. But did you know that pets are a great way for children to find emotional stability? Read this article to learn why pets are great for you children!

How to Use a Hospital Crib

While it may be a daunting topic to broach, a sad reality is that sometimes babies get sick and need serious medical attention. Whether they are in NICU from birth or have to be detained for their own health, it is important that they are in safe environments that will help them get better. Due […]

Childhood Experiences, Adult Memories

When it comes to raising children, every parent shares the goal of creating lives for children that are filled with happiness. But we all know that sheer happiness is not achievable, so parents must also help children cope with times of difficulty. Doing all of this while making sure your child is also healthy and […]