Healthy Toddlers, Happy Winter!

When it comes to feeding your toddler, you probably know how to do it in moderation. However, when the holidays roll around, it can be the perfect time to shove their cute faces with holiday food! Read this article to learn the best way to keep your toddler healthy in the holidays!

Treat Your Skin This Winter!

There are many ways in which the winter can affect your skin. Thankfully, with good moisturizing habits, you can reverse the effects of dryness that this temperature brings. Read this article for more tips on how to best shield your skin this season!

How to Use Oil to Improve Your Skin and Teeth

There are many ways in which you can use natural substances to improve your skin and teeth. Oil pulling is an ancient way that people used to detoxify their bodies, simply by swishing oil around in their mouths. Read this article to learn the merits of this ancient technique and how it can improve your skin!

Risk Factors Associated with Premature Death!

There are many factors that can impact a child’s life and livelihood. The criminal justice system, however, is not typically an obvious indicator of a child’s lifespan. Read this article today to learn why exposure to the criminal justice system can lead to an early death!

How to Prevent the Flu!

There are many bugs that go around the classroom this time of year. Now that the weather changes, there are extra precautions you can take to ensure that your home isn’t overrun by illness! Read this article to learn the best way to avoid the flu!

The Biggest Factor For Children’s Health!

There are many factors that can predict whether a child will have good access to healthcare or not. One factor, however, is the biggest predictor of whether a child has regular access to a healthy lifestyle. Read this article to learn how socio-economic status is a huge predictor of children’s health!

Skin Conditions vs. Stigma

When it comes to diseases that affect the body, we may feel like skin disorders are lighter on the scale. What separates skin diseases from other ailments are their visibility on our body and link to our self-confidence. Read this article to learn how skin disorder and stigma affect those who need the most help!