Fair Education for All Children!

It can be hard to foster a normal life for a child with a developmental delay or learning disability. But just because they need more attention, does not mean that they shouldn’t have the same access to education. Read this article to learn how parents are fighting to close the achievement gap for students with learning disabilities.

Cellphones, Sex, and Children!

It is tough being a parent in our modern times. While there are increased conveniences due to technology, it can also expose your children to mature things at a young age! Read this article to learn the best way to protect your children from mature topics!

How to Handle Eczema in Your Babies

Eczema is a condition that can be brought upon with changing winter weather. As the humidity decreases, your child can develop rashes or rough patches on their skin. If you are the parent of a young child, read this article to learn how to best help their skin fight eczema in the upcoming winter.

How to Avoid Those Pesky Back-to-School Bugs!

Sending your children to school may offer a temporary relief to your schedule, but they are at risk for being sick with every child they touch. By teaching your child about some basic health and safety tips, you will be able to curb their chances of getting sick. Read this article to learn about the best ways to keep your child safe from back-to-school bugs.

How Rash Judgement Hurts

When it comes to suffering from a rash or visible skin condition, you may become the subject of speculation of unfair judgement. It hurts enough to have the rash, but to be the subject of people’s reactions can be tough. If you suffer from rash judgements frequently, read this article to learn about one woman’s journey and successes past rash judgements.

Is Your Baby Bully-Bait?

Bullying is one of the unfortunate parts of childhood and being in grade school. Now that bullying has shown tragic results in both the short and long-term for children. Read this article to learn if your child is especially at risk for being bullied.

Why Hunger is Another Concern for Pediatricians!

Childhood hunger is one of the saddest things that occur in our modern society. Pediatricians are taking steps to end child hunger by being more thorough in their examinations on children’s hunger levels. Read this article to learn why this is necessary and can help us move to a society where children are better cared for.