Dad’s Health Affects Child’s Health!

When two people fall in love, it is natural for them to envision a life together. You go on adventures, you share your deep and dark secrets, you start to build memories together, you even meet each other’s families. When it comes time for you to live your life as partners, you may even decide that it is time to procreate. There are many joys and challenges associated with making babies, but we often associate the bulk of the burden to be heaped onto the mother. Women are the ones who get pregnant and carry the child for nine months. Women’s bodies change as a life grows inside of them, borrowing from their blood, bones, and flesh to be introduced into life. We often assume that mothers naturally have a slight monopoly on the creation of a baby, after the male’s contribution, of course. However, new studies show that the father’s health prior to conception can also affect the health of his unborn child! If you are looking to have children, read this article to learn more about how your partner’s health can affect your child!


Read the full article here: Dad’s Health Prior to Conception Can Affect His Unborn Child’s Health, Says New RMIT Study


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