Gender Pills for Your Baby?

There are many components that come into play when you are an expectant parent. It is likely that in the wake of becoming pregnant, you and your partner have had multiple conversations about the various factors that play into creating a family. Ideally you two have spoken about your expected parenting styles or the way that you will balance parenting and earning an income to support your household. You have probably also discussed a list of names that you could see as appropriate for your future bundles of joy! Along with that, you may have dreamed aloud over whether you would want baby boys, girls, or both! Now, in China various medications are developing that are promising couples that they will have baby boys! In a patriarchal society that favors manliness, these mediations have surged in their demand and availability, as most couples prefer having baby boys! If you are planning to become a parent, read this article today to learn about the somewhat disturbing presence of “boy-pills”, and see if it opens further discussions with your partner!


Read the full article here: Online Markets Awash in Pregnancy Meds that Promise Baby Boys


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