Get Your Flu Shot!

While we concentrate on our right to make decisions about some areas of life, we may fall short on managing other areas. For example, many of us were involved in some way, in the discussion about vaccinations and whether they should be mandatory for children. While this may be worthy of our focus, now that the weather has shifted into a cooler set of temperatures, it is equally important for us to look into getting preventative flu shots in order for us to remain safe when the disease fires around. Think about it, you are rushing to put in the final effort before the end of the year! You are then going to shift your focus to decorating, traveling, hosting and shopping for the holiday season! The amount of energy that you will need in the upcoming weeks means that you should be in the peak of health. Having the flu can knock you out for a week which is no fun this time of year when we focus on gathering together for festivities! If you are looking for ways to avoid the pesky flu, read this article to learn why it is important to get your flu shot!


Read the full article here: Get Your Flu Shot Before the Flu is Widespread: CDC


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