How to Avoid Christmas Disaster!

conzerol-43There are many ways in which your Christmas can become the perfect holiday for you and your family. At this point, we are only a little over a week away from the big day and there are plenty of ways in which your family has been preparing! You have put up an incredible tree and had fun decorating it with your children. You have likely baked a ton of cookies and have been using your oven on over-drive to ensure that you make enough treats for the neighborhood. You also have set up various candles and wreaths around the home and strung lights on the outside. However, have you taken the time to ensure that your home is protected in case anything happens? All of this fun décor can also lead to various hazards as the lights and flammable tree, or candles, or even your oven can lead to various mishaps. In order to ensure that your home is safe from Christmas disasters, read this article today! If you are working to create a wonderful Christmas for your family, read this article to learn how to make it safe!


Read the full article here: 12 Days of Christmas Fire Safety


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