How to Avoid Holiday Pet Disasters

The holiday season is upon us finally! You are likely already humming your favorite Christmas songs in your head while you’re stuck in traffic in the card. You have dug out the treasure cove filled with wrapping paper, bows, stockings, and ornaments! You are planning out which novel side dishes will accompany the turkey that you will be serving for thanksgiving and you are double-checking the guest list! While there are various ways in which you can prepare your home and family for the holidays, you should also consider how the holidays affect your pets. The increased amount of people in the home can cause them stress. People feeding them under the table can affect their internal health! Vacation time can also mean that you forget to walk them as frequently. If you are planning for the holidays, read this article today to learn how your pets also need careful thought!


Read the full article here: Holiday Pet Hazards Are Avoidable


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