How to Be Your Child’s Health Champion!

The decisions that govern your child’s healthcare are usually left up to the decisions of the doctors and parents. It can be difficult to get both on the same page, and there is increasing ambiguity on when the wishes of the child playa factor in the decision. If you are a parent of a young child, read this article today for advice on how to work and function as a team with your child’s health as the primary focus. For parents, it can be difficult to sacrifice your autonomy over your child in favor of allowing your pediatrician to make key decisions. The process of going to the doctor can be riddled with anxiety for this reason, especially since you are the most familiar with your child’s comfort level. This article skillfully shows how the three parties of interest (doctors, parents, and children) can function as a team to make the best decisions for your child’s health!


Read the full article here: Parenting: Be Your Child’s Health Care Director


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