How to Teach Your Children to Have a Healthy Social Media Presence!


When you think about what is was like to be a child, I’m sure many different memories come to mind. Typically they are a mix of bittersweet memories that all worked together to mold you into the person that you currently are. Maybe your childhood was based out in the skirts of town and you had plenty of pets and land to run around on and play? Maybe your childhood was in the middle of a hustling and bustling city, and that made you have to learn safety rules in a precocious way. Maybe you had a contentious relationship with one of your parents or maybe you had trouble in school. Either way, our idyllic childhoods of the past have evolved to what children have to be mindful of today! Children have to balance out the normal life pressure that you had to, but they also have so much access into the lives of their friends through social media, so the constant comparison can lead to unhealthy social media habits. If you are the parent of a young child, read this article today to learn how to inspire a healthy social media life with your children!


Read the full article here: NJ Mom. Therapist Offers 10 Tips: Healthy Social Media Habits for Kids


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