I’m Dreaming of a…Warm Christmas?

For some of us, a white Christmas is idyllic. Who can blame them, with all the talk of santa in sleds, polar bears drinking Cokes, and snowmen dancing when enchanted, it makes sense that we picture a white Christmas in our mind’s eye. However, for those of us who live in the northern half of the U.S. the idea of snow may be a little bit more stressful than joyous. Shoveling snow, adding chains to your tires, and trying to keep your home warm are all reasons why some people may prefer to change up the scene this holiday season. While your family may enjoy the traditional ways to celebrate the holiday, you may want to consider traveling as a family this year to enjoy the holiday! Why not take a flight to a warm place and treat yourself to a holiday vacation away from the snow? If you are looking for fun ways to spend the winter, read this article about why traveling may become your new tradition!


Read the full article here: Winter Holiday Ideas: 10 Reasons to Travel in December


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