Lowering the Sodium can Raise the Effectiveness of Your Child’s Diet!

It tempting to give children everything they want in terms of food. Whether you have picky eaters of children with adventurous appetites, successfully monitoring your children’s diet comes with challenges that may vary per child. If you are the parent of a young child, read this article today to see how altering your child’s diet can lead to long-term health benefits. This article outlines the negative impact of sodium on your child’s diet and how this affects 90% of children in the U.S.! Where our concern was previously with sugar, we can learn to place our current concerns with sodium. If you monitor the intake of your child’s sodium, you will set them up for long-term health success. Read this article for tips on how to watch out for sneaky sodium providers such as bread, cured meats, and fast-food. This article also shares how cooking at home can help assuage the issue!


Read the full article here: Healthy kids diet: Children should be encouraged to observe low-sodium diets, health experts say


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