Potty Train Your Boy!

All new moms that have children know this one simple fact to be true: boys can be very difficult to potty-train. As a woman, I take pride in this accomplishment that my folded genitalia must have offered me at a young age. I remember my mother offering my little brother everything from shiny coins to tasty candy in exchange for potty training time or nights with dry. I have to admit that I watched with envy as he collected a larger and larger treasure trove of treats and money. While this phase may have seemed like a lucrative opportunity to him then, my mother understood the potty training to be the challenge that it truly was! Many mothers can relate to her, as they see that boys sometimes require extra attention and patience when learning about the wonders of the toilet! If you are the parent of young boys, don’t lose faith, there is porcelain hope! If you are about to begin potty training with your son, read this article today for handy tips and strategies for success!


Read the full article here: Successful Potty Training for Boys


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