Risk Factors Associated with Premature Death!

It is no surprise that there are numerous factors that can affect a child’s life and livelihood. There are a mix of external and internal elements that can impact a child’s health and determine their lifespan. One factor that most parents are aware of is nutrition. Children that have a balanced nutrition are much more likely to have healthy bodies and great immune systems to keep them guarded against diseases. Another factor is often their socio-economic status, as children who grow up with more resources are healthier, can play outside more, and have greater exposure to educational opportunities. However, new scientific discoveries are showing that a child’s lifespan is also determined by their interaction with the law. New studies are showing that children who get in trouble with the law are much more likely to die at a younger age than children who don’t. If you are the parent of a young child, read this article today to learn about the effect that the legal justice system has with curbing your child’s life expectancy.


Read the full article here: Premature Death Rates High Among Youth Who Get in Trouble With the Law


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