Skin Conditions vs. Stigma

If you were to list the order of importance of your bodily organs, your skin would likely not make the top of the list. We are aware of the vitality of our hearts, brains, stomach, and other organs although our skin literally is the largest organ that covers our body. It not only protects our body from the harsh external elements, but it helps to regulate our internal temperature with hair or sweat production. Our skin also differs from other organs of our body because it has very strong associations with our sense of identity. Living in cultures that sort us by the color or tone of our skin has taught us that the look of our skin matters and can be a determinate of our livelihood. Due to this, people with skin conditions may feel a greater sense of insecurity as their skin’s appearance can lead to social stigma and isolation. This unfortunate byproduct of skin disease makes it slightly harsher than other diseases that affect us internally. If you are the parent of a young child, read this article to learn about how a stigmatized society harms those of us with skin conditions!


Read the full article here: Psoriasis, Cold Sores Most Stigmatized Skin Disorders: Survey


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