The Biggest Factor For Children’s Health!

There are many factors that can improve or affect a child’s health. One thing that can impact your child’s health is their environment. Do they live in a neighborhood with other children that will engage with them in outdoor play? Do they live in a neighborhood that is safe enough for them to play outside until the evening falls? Another factor that impact a child’s health is their food intake! Do they have regular access to fresh fruits and vegetables? Are they encouraged to stay hydrated and eat a balanced meal? Many of us assume that when a child is unhealthy, it is at the behest of the parents or the child. But one of the factors that has a huge impact on a child’s health is their family’s socio-economic status. A family in poverty will have a much harder time proving the proper nutrients and opportunities for play for their children. If you are the parent of a young child, read this article to learn why poverty has negative consequences on children’s health!


Read the full article here: Some See Poverty, Not Access to Care, as Main Obstacle to Kid’s Health


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