Whooping Cough and the Cold Weather!

Now that the weather is changing, we can see the sparkly beauty of Christmas. If you live in a state that is prone to colder weather, you will be seeing snow before you know it! The snow is a lovely time of year where your children become excited to explore the outdoors and the beautiful white blanket over the yard and trees. You bundle them up in various scarves and puffy jackets and watch as they sink into the snow, laughing as they form snow balls and snow men. They catch flakes on their tongue and are happy that the weather has transformed the yard into a wonderland! While the snow is a fun time for children, it can also be a time that is not safe for their health. If children are too exposed to cold weather, they can get sick with various ailments, such as whooping cough. If you are the parent of young children, read this article today to learn how rates of whooping cough are rising in certain cities due to the weather!


Read the full article here: Whooping Cough Cases Reported Around New Jersey


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