Why the Kid Menu Needs an Update

Think about the last time you went to eat out for lunch with some friends. Your children are at school and you enjoy the idea of having a calm afternoon with old friends. The waiter comes and hands you what you thought was a novel, but is actually a lengthy menu of food items. You peruse page after page as you ask you waiter for more time to look as he refills your water. You almost get overwhelmed by the option until you stumble onto the kids menu. Suddenly the idea of getting something comforting, like macaroni and cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich seems like a great idea. You may even consider the chicken fingers with French fries or the pasta with red sauce. Then it hits you, why are the kids options so typically unhealthy? It can be difficult to fathom, but what if we served our kids options with more veggies and less fried foods? One of the reasons why our kids get unhealthy is through unhealthy foods! If you are the parent of a young child, read this article before the next time you go out to eat!


Read the full article here: Should Restaurants Offer Healthier Kids Menus


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