Alex C.

*Individual results may vary

Molluscum Case Information

Alex C.
6 days of use

Case: 0017913A
Name: Nicholas C.
Country: USA
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Number of Lesions: 3
Previous Treatments: None
Time of infection before Conzerol: 11 months
Diagnosed by: Dr. Lauren H.


Almost a year ago, we noticed these bumps on my 9 year old sons back. We didn’t know what they were and we didn’t get too concerned until they seemed to get larger and my son wanted to scratch them. At his annual check up in November, his Pediatrician diagnosed them as Molluscum Contagiosum. She stated there was no cure and we should wait a year or so and they would go away. However, she did warn us to make sure he didn’t scratch them and they were very contagious. So we felt we didn’t have much choice. They were on his back on not easily visible anyway. A few months later we noticed that they were getting inflamed and he was starting to scratch. I did some research on the web and found Conzerol. Everyone seemed to rave about it and it seemed safe, so we took the plunge and bought some. The stuff is wonderful. In a few days the lesions started to dry up and within a month they were almost gone. We highly recommend Conzerol. I’m surprised our Pediatrician didn’t know about it. *


*Individual results may vary




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