Nicky K.

*Individual results may vary

Molluscum Case Information

Nicky K.
3 weeks of use

Case: 0002780C
Name: A.P.
Country: Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Number of Lesions: 200 (aproximately)
Previous Treatments: Apple cider vinegar
Time of infection before Conzerol: 9 months
Diagnosed by: A.P.


Hi! I would like to share my pictures. Our battle with this disease was difficult. When I ordered the product, (April 14,2013) my son had over 100 lesions. When I received it (4 days later) we counted over 200. In addition to the trunk of his body, he had them on his back, face, legs, and diaper area.
As you can imagine, when a two year old is covered as my son was, it was impossible to prevent him from touching them.
This ointment was critical in his treatment because not only did it destroy the virus in each lesion, it crusted over creating a barrier that prevented the very contagious virus from spreading even more.
Two months later, I am pleased to show pictures of his healing skin. While he does have poc marks from where some of the lesions were, they are fading every day. *


*Individual results may vary




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