Adela G.

*Individual results may vary

Molluscum Case Information

Adela G.
14 days of use

Case: 0024578S
Name: Sergio
Country: Spain
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Number of Lesions: 27
Previous Treatments: Molutrex, Curettage
Time of infection before Conzerol: 6 months
Diagnosed by: Begoña E.



The truth is that I almost can not believe it, after spending 9 months having a real hard time with molluscum, it is finally gone. I’ve buyed Conzerol cream a litlle exceptical at the begining but desperate too. After 4 weeks of using it, there are just a litle dots that will go away, thank you very uch for everything and for the personalized follow up that you do. I will send more pictures when the little dots have gone too. Thank you so much really!. *


*Individual results may vary




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