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Newest Molluscum Contagiosum testimonials

I had to post a review! How could I not!! My daughter (age 4) had been infected with MCV about 9 months ago. At first we noticed a tiny boil in her chest area. Progressively the boils started to multiply and become prominent. We took her to a Dermat who confirms that she has the MCV. We tried a lot meds and home remedies including homeopathy/apple cider vinegar. The boils had started to spread to her neck and I was pretty certain they would reach her face in no time. The homeopath doc assured us that it takes anywhere from 6m to 18 months for MCV to clear. Everytime i dressed her my heart would break. She had stopped going to public pools since we didn’t want others to get infected. I knew I had to do something more. That’s when I started to research online and came across an article on Wikipedia a out conzerol. At first I was very skeptical I didn’t know if I should believe the testimonies and reviews since they sounded too good to be true. But at this point I was willing to try anything since I didn’t want her face to get infected plus she had been scratching the boils. So my husband I decided to try a tube of conzerol. Since we live in India we had to get it shipped all the way here. As soon we got hold of it we started to apply it on the infected areas twice a day. Once in the morning and once at bed time. The clothes do get soiled but at this point clothes weren’t the biggest of my worry. Day 1-2 no major change. Day 3 we noticed that any new boils that had appeared over the past week were not growing bigger. So that was the 1st sign that conzerol was working!! We religiously kept applying it twice a day and by day 14 all boils had disappeared!!! I couldn’t believe it! Here I was 2 weeks ago wondering if the boils would ever disappear and if my daughter would ever be rid of the MCV. The marks are still there on her body but I am hoping vitamin E oil will lighten them. I am so thankful for this product that words may not be enough. Thank you Conzerol ! You are a miracle! Every time I look at my daughter I am in awe of Conzerol. Wish I had discovered this sooner.


Rupal T.

As a mother having a child with molluscum, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our order. When it arrived I was heart broken. The USPS had lost our medicine. I called the customer service number on the website and prepared my self for a “sorry lady, sad story, you can purchase a new tube,” after all it wasn’t Conzerol’s fault the delivery service is incompetent! The angel on the other end of the call told me they would send another tube out immediately FedEx and to look for it the very next day. Tentatively I asked what this amazing service would cost me. Her reply? “Oh my dear, we wont charge you again!” I was overwhelmed with gratitude! I just want everyone on the planet to know such compassion still exists even in the business world! I will be telling everyone I know about this amazing company. Thank you so very much!!!! *

Ronica B. Nevada - USA

Hello – I just wanted to post (so that others are aware as well) – I purchased 2 tubes of Conzerol via your website (we are in Australia) and after 3 days of applying the cream to around 70 lesions, there is a remarkable difference and a huge reduction in my sons molluscum. Some big lesions have reduced in size by up to 50% already, others have flattened out completely and some have the black center and are well on their way to going. I have been using imiquimod from our Childrens hospital for the past 4 months or so, and found it to actually make the spots worse and uncontrolable. The imiquimod also made his eczema flare up terribly, causing considerable discomfort. As he is only 2.5, getting him to lie down and stay still while i apply conzerol to each spot with a cotton tip is a challenge, but I can tell he can feel it is working too, so he is being as accommodating as possible. I am confident that this fast progress will continue, and just wanted to say thanks as everything else i have tried so far has resulted in more molluscum and me getting frustrated with this annoying condition. I have been taking photos of the process and will send them in to you in a few weeks so that you can use them in your testimonials if you like. So glad I took the step to use your product! * 9/26/2013

Jo Harvey USA

My 6 year old son has had molluscum for about 9 months now. They started spreading up and down both his legs! and his doctor said they are nothing really to worry about. Easy for him to say. This medication has cleared them up in almost a week’s time. Unbelievable! Why aren’t doctors prescribing this? Instead, he told us to purchase this over the counter, all natural medication that didn’t help at all. Thank you! Thank you!!!! Wow, wow, wow! *

Sandy B. Australia

OMG!!!! Finally! We started Conzerol two weeks ago today and all but 6 of about 60 – 80 bumps are GONE!! Since mid-March 2013 we have tried Imoquid, Zymaderm, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Emuaid, Aquafor, you name it, if I even had the slightest thought that it might work I bought and tried it. Conzerol worked and is working!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know what it is in it that has done the trick but I’m one happy momma. This molluscum contagiosum is just ugly ugly!!*

Tracy USA


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