Molluscum Contagiosum virus can take up to 2 years to resolve. Do not take unnecessary risks, do not wait any longer, order Conzerol’s Molluscum Treatment now and be Molluscum Free.

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Why use Conzerol® ?


Conzerol’s® formula [antipoxin®], inhibits the Molluscum Contagiosum virus, as well as stimulates the immune system response of the human body against it.
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Molluscum Information


What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum Contagiosum (MCV) is a common and very contagious human-to-human transmitted viral infection that affects the skin causing lesions or pustules. It is caused by a DNA virus of the Poxveridae family and has a higher incidence in children, sexually active adults, and those with weak immune response.

Molluscum Contagiosum in Children?

We understand that having a child with Molluscum Contagiosum (MCV) can be very dis-heartening. Conzerol was pioneered by people having suffered what you are experiencing, due to not having effective remedies. Keep in mind that MCV is very common and many families have experienced or will experience this virus. You are not alone. Be encouraged! – With Conzerol it will pass quickly.


Conzerol® Guarantee


We provide a 60 day money back guarantee

For purchases in the United States; this refund does not include handling & shipping expenses. The money back guarantee applies only to orders in the United States. International buyers are solely responsible to know and abide by the customs laws, taxes and regulations in their own country.

Is Conzerol ® safe for children?

Absolutely! Conzerol® Molluscum Treatment is safe for children, and highly effective. As thousands of mothers and fathers have witnessed- Conzerol really works! While there is no treatment that has 100% cure rate- nothing comes closer. This molluscum contagiosum treatment is safe for use on both body and face of children (avoid eyes: simply flush eyes with cool water). Resolution is often days away.


Molluscum Treatment FAQ’S


Can I apply Conzerol ® to the facial area?

Yes, Conzerol ® Molluscum Treatment is safe for the facial area. Avoid the eyes. If you get it in your eyes simply flush with water. Do not use internally.

Can I use Conzerol ® in the genital area?

Yes you can apply this Molluscum Treatment to the surface of any genital lesion. Do not use internally.

Will the lesions return?

When the lesions are gone, you are no longer contagious. Never-the-less, you are not immune to molluscum. You can acquire it again from a carrier, but this is quite rare under normal circumstances.

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Molluscum Treatment Testimonials



Satcey S.

The product worked to help remove the stubborn cores that would not budge after we’d been to the dermatologist to have the molluscum “freezed” open, which was supposed to then allow the cores to come out after 2 weeks. Some never did and a new growth of healing skin began to grow over the frozen areas. So we knew they would need a new visit, which my daughter wasn’t having. When I applied the Conzerol to those areas, within days they were open and ready for the core to come out in the bath with some scrubbing. it was a miracle. We’d battled the virus for 2 years and had been told by 2 MD’s they’s go away on their own but they never did. In fact, they actually spread and after doing research finally when I found Conzerol, I learned I was actually spreading more on her body by using the same towel after baths. If left untreated, as recommended by the docs, it spread more and more. If I had treated right away I would have dealt with 5 but had to treat over 50 before it was all gone this past month. It was a nightmare for my daughter. I pray no child has to go through this again but if they do, get the Conzerol right away, make your child deal with the waiting for it to dry and diligently scrub those suckers out after 2-3 days of cream once the core starts to show. And I am a RN so I tell you the truth- this is the most humane treatment for such an ugly virus.

Kimberly H.


My 3 yr old grandson got molloscum in mid October 2014. He had over 100 blisters down the backside of his legs and buttocks….it was awful. My daughter took him to the doctors who prescribed a cream. She began using it and within 24hrs my grandsons sores got worse…he was crying and agitated…the cream had burned his skin. We began searching online for alternate treatments and found this website. We were very hesitant to order as we didn’t know if this was another empty promise for curing a condition that apparently can take years to go away. However being that my young grandson was in pain and so uncomfortable we decided to go ahead and order it. I placed the order and rushed the delivery and we had it within 5 days…I was already impressed! Then my daughter started to use is it…and she was amazed….not only did it sooth his already open oozing blisters, within a few days you could already see a difference. His skin that was burnt from the prescribed cream began healing right away and within two weeks his 100+sores were almost gone! He then went to the dermatologist who was amazed at how well this treatment was working…he had never heard of it!!!

It is now end of November and there is not even a trace of molloscum on his body!
Kimberley H.



So excited to share how great this cream has been!!! I have been using conzerol cream for about 1 week and a half and I have had great results! I had them in my genitals and thought it would b impossible to cure due to the fact that it is always moist down there and no other method worked. Well I was wrong! A week and a half later I am almost completely molluscum free! I’m almost done with the scabing stage and no other ones have popped out since I started to use the cream. I am so grateful to God that I found this cream! It really works! Great and fast! Also remember to keep a clean diet too… It will make the scabing heal faster. I am a satisfied coustumer :)

Jennifer C.

ConZerol is amazing!!! The only thing that has worked for us! After struggling with molluscom for a total of three years and making it’s course through all three of my children!!:/ This by far is the best treatment I have found! We’ve tried home remedies, z******m, dermatology visits and so much more and conzerol has them all beat for sure!! *

Rupal T.

I had to post a review! How could I not!! My daughter (age 4) had been infected with MCV about 9 months ago. At first we noticed a tiny boil in her chest area. Progressively the boils started to multiply and become prominent. We took her to a Dermat who confirms that she has the MCV. We tried a lot meds and home remedies including homeopathy/apple cider vinegar. The boils had started to spread to her neck and I was pretty certain they would reach her face in no time. The homeopath doc assured us that it takes anywhere from 6m to 18 months for MCV to clear. Everytime i dressed her my heart would break. She had stopped going to public pools since we didn’t want others to get infected. I knew I had to do something more. That’s when I started to research online and came across an article on Wikipedia a out conzerol. At first I was very skeptical I didn’t know if I should believe the testimonies and reviews since they sounded too good to be true. But at this point I was willing to try anything since I didn’t want her face to get infected plus she had been scratching the boils. So my husband I decided to try a tube of conzerol. Since we live in India we had to get it shipped all the way here. As soon we got hold of it we started to apply it on the infected areas twice a day. Once in the morning and once at bed time. The clothes do get soiled but at this point clothes weren’t the biggest of my worry. Day 1-2 no major change. Day 3 we noticed that any new boils that had appeared over the past week were not growing bigger. So that was the 1st sign that conzerol was working!! We religiously kept applying it twice a day and by day 14 all boils had disappeared!!! I couldn’t believe it! Here I was 2 weeks ago wondering if the boils would ever disappear and if my daughter would ever be rid of the MCV. The marks are still there on her body but I am hoping vitamin E oil will lighten them. I am so thankful for this product that words may not be enough. Thank you Conzerol ! You are a miracle! Every time I look at my daughter I am in awe of Conzerol. Wish I had discovered this sooner.

Jo Harvey / Facebook Testimonial

Hello – I just wanted to post (so that others are aware as well) – I purchased 2 tubes of Conzerol via your website (we are in Australia) and after 3 days of applying the cream to around 70 lesions, there is a remarkable difference and a huge reduction in my sons molluscum. Some big lesions have reduced in size by up to 50% already, others have flattened out completely and some have the black center and are well on their way to going.
I have been using imiquimod from our Childrens hospital for the past 4 months or so, and found it to actually make the spots worse and uncontrolable. The imiquimod also made his eczema flare up terribly, causing considerable discomfort. As he is only 2.5, getting him to lie down and stay still while i apply conzerol to each spot with a cotton tip is a challenge, but I can tell he can feel it is working too, so he is being as accommodating as possible. I am confident that this fast progress will continue, and just wanted to say thanks as everything else i have tried so far has resulted in more molluscum and me getting frustrated with this annoying condition. I have been taking photos of the process and will send them in to you in a few weeks so that you can use them in your testimonials if you like. So glad I took the step to use your product! *

Ronica B. / Nevada – USA

As a mother having a child with molluscum, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our order. When it arrived I was heart broken. The USPS had lost our medicine. I called the customer service number on the website and prepared my self for a “sorry lady, sad story, you can purchase a new tube,” after all it wasn’t Conzerol’s fault the delivery service is incompetent! The angel on the other end of the call told me they would send another tube out immediately FedEx and to look for it the very next day. Tentatively I asked what this amazing service would cost me. Her reply? “Oh my dear, we wont charge you again!” I was overwhelmed with gratitude! I just want everyone on the planet to know such compassion still exists even in the business world! I will be telling everyone I know about this amazing company. Thank you so very much!!!! *

Tracey / TN – USA

OMG!!!! Finally! We started Conzerol two weeks ago today and all but 6 of about 60 – 80 bumps are GONE!! Since mid-March 2014 we have tried Imoquid, Zymaderm, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Emuaid, Aquafor, you name it, if I even had the slightest thought that it might work I bought and tried it. Conzerol worked and is working!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know what it is in it that has done the trick but I’m one happy momma. This molluscum contagiosum is just ugly ugly!! *

Chloe / Pennsylvania – USA

I caught sexually-transmitted MC and didn’t show symptoms until I was in a new relationship. I was devastated; I am uninsured and couldn’t find a place that would be able to diagnose it or treat me, but after hours of searching online I was sure of what it was. And according to what I found, there was no cure, so my life would be on hold for up to two years while I waited for it to clear. I tried apple cider vinegar and all it did was burn my skin. I was skeptical about buying an expensive product online, but I came across this site and it seemed like it really worked, it had a money back guarantee, there was free shipping, and the price was reasonable if it was effective. I ordered and it arrived in a few days. I applied it three times a day, and after one week of use my MC is almost completely gone, and I still have most of the tube left. I’m amazed and extremely grateful. If you are considering trying this, I highly recommend it. It’s an effective product with fast results and it’s a shame more people haven’t heard of it! *

Jackie / Michigan – USA

My two year old had MC for a couple of months. A few trips to dermatologist . Liquid nitrogen which didn’t work then a blistering agent which did work on some but at a very painful cost. Tried retna-a an acne medication prescribed by the dermatologist , didn’t work. Just dried out skin. Then found conzerol. Within a week half of spots dried up. Omg. The ones on his butt are taking a little longer. But I think that is just where they are located. This stuff really works. Why don’t the dermatologists know about this. I am telling everyone. I was so skeptical about buying this and if it would really work. But I tried it had nothing to lose with money back guarantee Love it what a wonderful product. So glad I tried it my son and I thank you! *

Haley S. / Odessa – USA

I noticed my 3 year old got a few wart like bumps on her abdomen about 5 months ago. I consulted a friend who is a PA and she told me that it was a virus and will eventually go away on its own. She didn’t suggest freezing them off because its invasive and could leave scars. A couple months later, several more appeared. It went from 5 to like 50. I purchased an oil based medicine called Zymoderm about a month ago and nothing is happening. The bumps are still spreading. I am willing to try this. I hope it works! *

Visla R. / Sunny Isles – USA

Our 2 year old son contracted the virus about 9 months ago. We tried most of the creams on the market and none of them were very effective. About 1 month ago his condition went from bad to worse. We finally found and tried conzerol and within 3 weeks we saw a 80 percent improvement. The cream is of a sticky consistency so after applying it, we dusted the applied areas with a thin layer of corn starch. This prevented it from feeling sticky or sticking to his clothes. Today he has less than 15 molluscum spots on his body and they are now flat, dried up. This is an enormous improvement from over a months ago when he had over 100 mulluscum spots. The only downside is that the cream stains. But we will take the stains over molluscum any day. *

Joanna C. / Sidney – Australia / Part 2

Since leaving my last testimony when my son only had one last molluscum left I am happy to report it has cleared up and we are finally molluscum free!! So it took three weeks of applying conzerol twice a day and all gone! Like I said I have truly tried everything else out there and spent many hours reading forums about this virus but this really does work. I am glad I did not wait two years for it to clear up on its own and have managed to beat it in three weeks after my little boy has had the bumps for over six months. *

Joanna C. / Sidney – Australia

I tried Conzerol as a ‘last resort’ after trying everything else I had read about it…it was only my last resort because it was the most expensive product out there so I figured I should try everything else first, no other product made any difference to my son’s molluscum (he had about 10 in total in the crook of his arm) and when I finally bought the Conzerol the results were fantastic. I have been using the cream for two weeks now and he has one left which now appears to be on its way out. This is a frustrating virus since there is no 100% cure out there but I certainly wish I tried Conzerol first!!!! Well worth the money as the lesions are ugly and they spread very easily and feel like they last forever!!! I would recomend this product to everyone who is battling this hideous virus. *

Doranna P. / Oregon – USA

My son has had mcv for over a year…my doctor kept saying its fine it will go away on its own…after watching it spread all over his side, under his arm and down his leg we removed him from his martial arts class…and started looking on the Internet because we had already tried many home remedies including tea tree and NONE worked…we found conzero1s website, read some testimonies and took a chance…my only regret is not buying 2 tubes to start with….THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS…my son is almost completely clear in about 3weeks 2x a day. We can’t wait to send him back to class…thank you Calvary labs…and shame on the Dr’s that recommend you do nothing..
A super happy mom and dad… *

Lorena H. / Bellevue – USA

I am excited to say that conzerol is working for my son. He had 4 molluscum that were pretty big and somewhat painful. 2 of them were on his genitals. It took a while , I was applying conzerol day and night for over 3 weeks and finally they start shrinking and on week four they were gone. They have left a pink circle scab around them but they are gone, at least the big ones. He has a lot of the little ones that I am just treating every day and night. Conzerol seems to work better on the big ones I ve notice. Good luck with this, it is a nightmare but I am hoping it will end soon. My mom went to a dermatologist since here most of them said it would go away by itself. He recomended 50mg of zinc twice a day for my 9 year old. He also recomended carrot, apple and beet juice. *

Jamie / Ohio – USA

My six year old daughter has had MC for over a year. We have been to the doctor several times. Each time, they have said to “wait it out.” My daughter would complain that they bothered her and she would itch and they would spread. We were close to having them scraped at the dermatologist, but I did not want to put my daughter through that treatment, because she had many lesions. After researching and reading and reading for nights, I decided to try Conzerol. We are only using it once a day, at bedtime and we have only been using it for less than a week and I already see great results. I am sure the results would be better if I were using it the three times a day as the directions state, but once a day is working for us. Each of her spots are clearing up. They look like they are drying up and some are getting smaller and smaller. I am very pleased with the results. I was nervous, but would recommend to anyone suffering with MC. I am sure they do go away over time, but for us, it has gone on too long and I could not take my daughter’s discomfort anymore. Not to mention, that many of her lesions looked infected and red. Thank you for sharing other testimonials! *

Tonya R. / Ecletic – USA

I tried Conzerol on my 3 year old son because he had a bad case of molluscum. I was tired of the doctor telling me there was nothing I could do. He already suffers from extremely dry skin and the molluscum just irritated his skin even more. There were nights he would not sleep do to being uncomfortable. My husband and I were searching the web one night to try and find a solution and came across Conzerol and decided after reading the testimonies that it was worth a try. After applying the medicine twice a day for 2 weeks my sons bumps were completly gone and have not returned. I have shared this with many other families who children suffer from molluscum and they are also seeing the same results that my son had. God Bless this medicine! *

Chas R.

This works, after unsuccessful acid treatment by Dermatologist, created ugly wounds, Doctor wanted to do another application of the acid. After seeing what my daughters legs looked like after acid treatment I said No way. Found Conzerol on web applied twice a day on 10 -12 areas and now about 5-6 weeks later all Gone ! Thank goodness don’t know where this evil virus came from but this stuff works. Thanks to all involved in Conzerol. *

Kristina J.

We have been using Conzero I on our daughter who has molluscum contagiousm and it works!!!!! Her doctor said that we just needed to wait and the warts will go away, but they were just spreading. We used other ointments and natural remedies, but nothing worked, until we found Conzero I.
We went through a 1st tube and now I am orderting another one. *

Jill A.

We ordered your product at the beginning of Feb 2013 and started using the product once a day, at bedtime, on February 7th, 2013. We would place a dot of the medicine on each lesion and then take the blow dryer on a cool setting and dry it quickly, as to not stain her pajamas. My daughter had the lesions on her arm/trunk area as well as behind her knee. This picture shows how well the product works and we’re only using it once a day. The first picture was taken on Feb 7th, the second picture on Feb 25th. The cream literally dries out the lesions within a few days. You have some dryness where you put the product but nothing vaseline won’t fix. It always looks like there might be some “scarring” once they dry up but it disappears within a few days of the lesions going away. It’s AMAZING. I’m so glad I researched and found your product. We’re currently having my daughter go through a treatment of yeast shots at the dermatologist. She was having them once a month and it was supposed to build up her immunity to fight the virus. We will discontinue that treatment now that we’ve found Conzerol. My 3 year old daughter also has eczema which made the virus/lesions even more miserable for her. I’m passing your info on to our dermatologist/pediatrician. It can help SO MANY children/parents who are dealing with this annoying virus. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! *

Kendra H.

After numorous visits to the doctors and been told it takes 18month to 2 years to clear, my daughters moluscum has become worse spreading all over her body, my daughter has eczema also which causes her to itch therefore spreading the virus, she now has the moluscum around her private area, it saddens me that the GPs will allow children’s immune system to battle this when a cream can be applied to cure this.*

K. Merten

Amazing! This product cleared up all of my sons spots in 3 weeks! After watching the Mulluscom spread for two months from my eight year olds chin, neck, chest, to his arm and leg I was ready to pull my hair out. He was embarassed when the kids asked him at school what was on his neck. As a mother it was so frustrating to just wait it out, 6 months to 2 years! I already kept him from activities out of fear of it spreading to other children and embarassment for him. I had enough and searched the web for something to help. I read the testimonial and felt hopeful. I put it on at night before bed, due to the color, and twice daily on the weekends. It will stain clothing so make sure it is dry. I used a q-tip to apply to the spots. After 2 weeks there was less than half, by 3weeks they were all gone. We will never suffer through this again. One tube was plenty, he had about 35 spots. We have half a tube left. My son was so excited to look in the mirror and say, “look Mom, they’re all gone!”. Thank you so much for this product, I will spread the word! I wish I took photos. Honestly, thank you so much! * 12/12/2012

A. P.

It worked!! I’ll have to say I was a little worried but they offered a money back guarantee so I said why not, yes it is a bit pricey but so are the prescriptions you get from the doc and do they offer any type of guarantee? NOPE! They sure don’t. I can’t believe I am writing to say it worked! I was told by our doctor that it could take 3 or more years to go away and my daughter had it pretty bad. I wish I had taken pictures now because it is just unbelievable. I had my doubts but I am so very happy to report that my daughter is free of Molluscum!!! Thank you for being available when I had questions or concerns and being patient with me. We are so so very happy!! * 10/12/2012

Adam W.

Very effective and painless for treating my son’s Mollescum and acne cysts. I highly recommend this product. *

Sandy B.

My 6 year old son has had molluscum for about 9 months now. They started spreading up and down both his legs! and his doctor said they are nothing really to worry about. Easy for him to say. This medication has cleared them up in almost a week’s time. Unbelievable! Why aren’t doctors prescribing this? Instead, he told us to purchase this over the counter, all natural medication that didn’t help at all. Thank you! Thank you!!!! Wow, wow, wow! *

Heather E.

I don’t even care about the $5 back…I just really need people to know that this product works! I had tried other treatments, and nothing worked. My daughter was covered in molluscum bumps for 3 months. It actually went away on its own, only to return a month later. She had 4 bumps pop up last week, and after 5 days using conzerol, she only has 1 bump left and its almost gone too! I have spent many, many nights crying and researching online to try to find something that would work. This product does work…I will keep a tube of conzerol in my house AT ALL TIMES from now on. Thank you so much for your help with this frustrating virus that the doctors don’t help with! *

Kristy L

Noticed an improvement within one week! Tried 2 other products first. Wish I found Conzerol first. Probably would have been gone by now. *

Angelo D.

This all started with a few ‘bumps’ in my daughters armpit, the doctor told us what it was and applied what she called ‘beetle juice’, an extract from a beetle that fights the lesions. The medicine made the lesions swell and sometimes burst before they went away. It got worse. We went back a month later because she developed an infected area on her entire side from the armpit down, the doctor again applied the “beetle juice”. It got worse. I decided to research this virus myself and found out that when they burst the fluid released spreads the lesions. I was really upset, thanks doc. At this point the bumps were everywhere, really dense on her right side and less so across her stomach and on her left side, it was really bad. I found your product with a simple googlesearch and was skeptical but willing to try anything at this point. It worked! After 8 days we ran out and had to order more, but the results were amazing, they are almost gone completely, just a few small ones left on her right side, the rest are completely gone! She also has dry skin problems as we live in a dry climate (Colorado at 7,000 ft) an your product did not cause any problems to her skin at all. Thank you, a bit costly but worth it. *

Lilian M

I am so pleased with this product and although I would love to show the before and after pics, I lost my before pics in my camera upadating to IOS6 and somehow my pics were lost in icloud:( But after 2 tubes and over a hundred Molluscums since last April my Grandson who is 6, is almost completely free of them. No scarring or anything.I ordered two extra tubes, but probably will not be needing both for the remaining few he has left. I would like to let everyone know this product delivers. It took about 4 weeks for us, but his case was widespread and I did not use it as directed due to school and so on. I put it on at night after a shower and in the morning on his body before he went to school. I covered it with long sleeved clothing not bandaids. It is a miracle and I am willing to share our story on your site. I do have after shots of his skin, but unfortunately no beforesanymore. I can possibly take a pic of the few remaining, but I am not sure if people would believe how great it is without seeing how bad his case was before. Thank Yoy Calavary Labs. You have an amazing product and if you are looking for affiliates, I am on board. Sincerely, *

The Davis Family

Thank you for your quick response. We feel very lucky to have found your product and certainly have told our doctor, I have also posted her arm on facebook so that our friends that are battling the same thing with their children know about your product. This was a really tough one for us as it kept spreading so rapidly until we found your product. Much thanks.

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