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Molluscum Case Information

4 weeks of use

Case: 2478929U
Name: A.P.
Country: USA
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Number of Lesions: 30 +-
Previous Treatments: None
Time of infection before Conzerol: 2 months
Diagnosed by: A.P.


I would like to submit our experience for your $100 testimony offer. My PayPal email and email we ordered from was *******@*******.com

I just realized as I went back to find the email on how to submit it that you ask for a tube of it in the picture. I had taken our “in use” picture with the cream actually on him, will that still work?

I attached the picture and here’s the testimony:
My 9 year old caught Molluscum I am assuming from daycare or school. I had never heard of it before then and hope to never have to deal with it again after this! It took a month for his bumps to finally go away once I stumbled upon Conzerol online reading forums. He had them for a total of 3 1/2 months. We applied the Conzerol morning and night. I also changed his bedding every couple days and we make sure all his clothes and towels were washed after every single use. We made him wear clothing that would always cover the bumps too to lessen that chance of giving it to someone else. The bumps he already had took awhile for the Conzerol to work on but they did eventually. If I noticed new bumps anywhere then usually 1-2 days worth of Conzerol and they would be gone! The faster you catch them the better I learned. I found looking at his skin with a flashlight shining at a downward angle was the easiest way to spot all the bumps. If you are thinking about using Conzerol I would definitely recommend it. You can’t go wrong with their money back guarantee either!*

Jaime B.


*Individual results may vary




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